Officially took the new job.

One week to lounge around and do nothing! Woohoo! My current boss was begging me this morning to reconsider, which was nice. This is the first day in months that I didn’t have at least a semblance of a headache by noontime. 

What a goddamned relief.

I will miss some people who I worked with (of course), but after meeting with my soon-to-be boss, I realized how different I am from my old boss. He’s an extremely smart and capable man, but he has a cold streak through his heart that could freeze a narwhal. The new one shares more traits with me and doesn’t see in absolutes. He’s an abstract thinker; a conversation flows like a slow river with him, not a machine dug canal. I’m slightly nervous, but not so much that I’m hesitant to any degree. 

I’ll be on A LOT in the coming days. It’s time to lose some followers by posting absolute crap!


  1. theoriginaljackass said: Not me. It’s posts like these that really give us hope.
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