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botanicazilla replied to your post: I didn’t want to be anything when I was a child.

Did you really do that with deer? Cool.

Every chance I got. It took a ton of patience. They were used to my scent because every rye grass stalk had my scent on it from weaving through the fields everyday, but I still needed to sit and meditate for about an hour in the high grass. I couldn’t move or make noise, so my body and mind would just go into itself. Deer are freakishly quiet even when they’re very close, so listening for other clues was important, but the smell gave them away if the wind was right. It’s a very pleasant smell, unlike moose, or some other large animals, but still blatantly gamy. 

Looking back, it was kind of mean to do. They would be extremely startled when I popped up, and frightening something for personal pleasure kind of sucks (though it was more just to be among them, not to frighten them).

botanicazilla replied to your photo: Tumblr Crushes: mentalextensions openareas …

I feel like a tumblr celebrity being on your crush list.

I feel like a tumblr pervert.

<sap>But back to the topic at hand, I’m glad I get to look into your life a little. No matter what you express about yourself, what I (and we) see is a pretty, smart, adventurous, and genuine soul. I’m glad I have you on my crush list.</sap>

Tumblr Crushes:
These people are very sexy. Even you, Roland. Even you.

Tumblr Crushes:

These people are very sexy. Even you, Roland. Even you.

botanicazilla replied to your post: Top 10—off the top of your head—albums you need on your shelf (or digital equivalent)

We must be the same age.

If you’re my age, then you’re doing something oh so right.

Tumblr Crushes:
Done and done, almostfancy. You&#8217;re right there (in with the rest of the hotties&#8230;err&#8230;people, and stuff)

Tumblr Crushes:

Done and done, almostfancy. You’re right there (in with the rest of the hotties…err…people, and stuff)

botanicazilla replied to your post: I’m actually bummed that Google didn’t

I got gmail in early 2005. So there. You’re not as cool as you thought!

I’m way cooler than what you think I think. Just the other day some chick in the grocery store said “Excuse me, but you’re not going to get any cooler!” And then reached past the my t-shirt’s nipple rips to get the rocky road ice cream. It’s stuff like that that uncool people like *ahem* 200recipients of Gmail will just never experience. Neh-ver.