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missingalot replied to your photo: Me, looking at tumblr.

This explains so much. So very much.

You mean my extreme fear of my own chin resulting in childlike behavior as if to avoid the adult consequences of being scared of my own chin or that I button up my polo shirts to the top button?

missingalot replied to your post: The neighbors went to Europe

You know they will want to see the wee grave, don’t you?

Buried at sea (well, at lake, really). The little guy was probably caught in the beaver dam that partially blocks the draining brook. Making a little cute fish stink, it probably attracted a small bird that ate its cute little guts, then flew off and pooped them onto the windshield of my neighbors’ car.

They’ll hop into the car tomorrow morning, start the engine, get psychologically settled into their North American routine, physically settled into their car seat, see the large poop on the glass, and unknowingly give their goodbyes to the fish by squirting their windshield and turning the wipers on high speed.